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Fertilization Technician

Education and Training:
1. High School or GED
2. Pesticide 3.0 license
3. Valid Wisconsin driver’s license

Experience: 3 years professional application experience

1. Knowing how to operate push spreader, riding spreader and liquid spreader.
2. Being able to lift 50+ lbs


  1. Having all needed materials- product, posting signs, pesticide reports, and plastic door bags
  2. Fertilizing the correct house or business
  3. Posting signs in correct spots
  4. Properly completing paperwork, daily sheets, and truck checklist
  5. Notifying customers/neighbors before application when needed
  6. Maintaining equipment and trucks and keeping trucks fueled
  7. Knowing the difference between a plant and a weed
  8. Ability to identify insects and disease in turf
  9. Ability to follow directions/GPS to get to job site.
  10. Turning in all receipts and paperwork in envelope at end of day

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